Residential areas might be joined by their unassuming populace sizes, yet they’re striking for their decent variety of character. Here are 10 small towns tourist attractions making a go at it, for the most part by displaying what they have.


Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

small towns tourist attractions

West Virginia town, encompassed by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Potomac and Shenandoah stream valleys, is such a characteristic fortune, to the point that the vast majority of the town is currently part of the National Park Service and is kept up as the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Harper Ferry’s way of life is as rich as its magnificence. Amid your stay, exploit nature. You can go boating, kayaking and tubing the Potomac and Shenandoah streams, and there’s likewise stellar climbing to be found on the C&O Canal and also the Appalachian Trail.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

small towns tourist attractions

Among the small towns tourist attractions, the island’s many Komodo mythical dragons do draw vacationer interest, yet Sail Komodo, a boat festival, the journey port arrangement, which incorporates Komodo Island and in excess of twelve different areas, plans to draw a huge number of new, sightseers.

Medora, N.D

small towns tourist attractions

For a town with all of 111 occupants, Medora is really doing great to the extent tourism goes. It adjoins Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in itself a major draw, and furthermore holds a prime spot ever of Wild West. Medora was the beginning stage of a key Gold Rush trail to Deadwood.

Rockland, Maine

small towns tourist attractions

Rockland was first called Catawamtek by the Abenaki individuals. Rockland’s lighting has long made the beautiful oceanside town a place for craftsmen. The Maine Lobster Festival invites numerous sustenance merchants to offer their heavenly items on the grounds every year, and guests may likewise appreciate the fair environment when they require a break from eating lobster. Try not to leave Rockland without attempting a chomp of the pie.

Landour, Uttarakhand, India

small towns tourist attractions

Well on the off chance that you are a great fan of Ruskin Bond then this place will truly give you tickles in your stomach. Feel every single minute as you visit this residential community with the slopes, little bungalows, and the well-disposed individuals. Bring back those recollections to live by and by as you stroll through this little curious town. The glinting lights at one side will draw you away to some sort of a fairyland. Landour is one among the small towns, tourist attractions.

Kibbutz Merom Golan, Golan Heights, Israel/Syria

small towns tourist attractions


Among small towns, tourist attractions Kibbutzim Merom Golan has taken that traveler intrigue a whole lot further. Merom Golan, publicizing “extravagance housing” and a good time for all ages and interests, offers private lodges and guided trail rides by means of the four-wheeler, bicycle, jeep, and horseback, with horseback exercises nearby. There are sentimental nightfall treks for the honeymooning composes, and a few full-benefit eateries to look over, including one serving meat-and-potatoes style suppers (with all the meat brought dependably up in the Golan Heights) and mixture passage like “cowhand kabobs” – sheep and mint, on the flame broil.

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

small towns tourist attractions

Presently, in the event that you want to investigate the unexplored then here we present to you another town in Northeast India which is an absolute necessity visit for you. Securely covered up under the chest of Mother Nature Ziro valley is genuinely an untouched heaven on earth.

Be it the delightful edges, glittering mountains or the shaking music celebration, Ziro valley had turned out to be one of the most sizzling goals in India. With a plenitude of greenery, charming hollows, the green edges this goal has been calling voyagers from over the globe to investigate its magnificence.

Sauraha, Chitwan District, Nepal

small towns tourist attractions

The “nourishment celebration,” long the territory of acclaimed foodie goals around the globe, is gradually advancing into residential communities that most gourmets could never consider. The town of Sauraha, at the base of the Himalayas and offers simple access to Chitwan National Park, has chosen to get in on the activity.

Oakridge, Oregon

small towns tourist attractions

Oakridge is one among the small towns tourist attractions which found something important to itself: People especially needed access to the 350 miles of close-by mountain-biking trails going through the dazzling Cascade Mountains.

The previous logging town had never been much to welcome out-of-towners to its Lane County enclave, yet another age of occupants sees it in an unexpected way. Tourism, they accept, will help reconstruct their locale. Thus the town began calling itself the “Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest,” and the rebranding stuck. The crusade’s achievement in drawing tourism is clear.

Idukki, Kerala

small towns tourist attractions

Prepare to stay puzzled as you visit the Idduki, another pearl of Kerela which is an unquestionable requirement visit goal in India. Lose yourself as you ride through the beautiful perspectives of this mysterious land. Idukki is orchestrated at the most noteworthy purpose of the Western Ghats incorporated by mountains.

The bend dam worked over the Kuravan Kurathi Mountain is wonderful and past portrayal. Added to this dam of 650 feet long and 550 feet height, two unique dams are also there in Kulmavu and Cherunthony. It is one of the districts in the state which has different untamed life sanctuaries and offers a rich degree for the advancement of ecotourism.

Here is the rundown of some small towns tourist attractions which are drawing the interest of the visitors towards it, So next time when you plan to go for a vacation to some untouched town just go through the list once and do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments section below.





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